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Food lovers 52 more years

Who: Gitte Witt & Filip Loebbert – Life is to short to eat bad food. Meet the real food lovers and Founders of 52 more years and be inspired how to make simple, delicate and healthy food.
Envelope by Celine Aagaard

When did your fascination for food started? Gitte:  Since I was a little child I had a natural fascination for food. Probably because both my father and grandfather cooked a lot, and I used to stand by on a chair, watch, and «help» out. Making jam and rolling meatballs. With my dad it would be food involving a lot of spices and creativity, with grandpa it was traditionally food. So as long as I can remember I have had a big interest and fascination for food.

Food was also involved when you first met- tell us the short story Filip worked in a juice and sandwich bar, which happened to be Gittes favorite in Oslo at that time. So once when she came in to order her special green juice, he was standing there behind the counter. He smiled at her, and she was sold. Gitte decided to come back a few days later. We started talking right away, and in the end Filip asked for Gittes number. The rest is gitteogfilip ;).

Tell us the idea of 52 more years? The food we make is simple, healthy and good. For us health has to do with real products, no extremes and the love of eating in social company, or by yourself. We want to show how you can cook at home, not having to buy very expensive or complicated ingredients. We also want to portray an environment around food – so going in to our blog will be a place for inspiration with beautiful pictures of food and the lifestyle around it.

Healthy food is trendy – what is the hottest to serve right now? Well, for us – there isn’t healthy or unhealthy food in our cooking, in the sense that what we make should always be healthy, but in the right terms of health. For example a juicy hamburger served with sweet potato fries and a kale salad can be healthy. It’s all about balance. We dont want to be a part of that movement who focuses on extreme methods, which easily increase mental pressure for many, not being able to achieve what is being promoted.

What is key 5 ingredience to have in the kitchen? Olive oil, two kinds. Red dried chili pepper, flakesalt, parmigano cheese and sourdough bread

What is the first you eat in the morning? Soy milk latte, tea, grapefruit, kiwi, and toasted bread with egg, ham or jam.

And the last Thing you drink or eat before you go to bed? Either tea and an orange or Ben&Jerrys.

What do you serve on a sunday morning? Fresh sourdough rolls, butter, egg, a good white cheese, sprouts, avocado, grapefruit juice and coffe.

What is your special ? Gitte: I think my special is a pasta with broccoli and parmigano cheese, or a juicy kale salad with avokado and apples. Filip: Hamburger with bacon, walnuts, chevre and walnuts.

Life with and without good food? We can’t really imagine life without good food. It can make a rainy day shine and a good day even better. Life is to short to eat bad food…

What do you make if you gonna surprise each other? Gitte: For Filip I would make a nice steak with homemade bernaise sauce and homemade fries. Filip: For Gitte I would bake a good pizza and serve her a light and tasty glass of red wine.

Veggies or meat? We eat both, but we eat more veggies than meat on a daily basis. We try to have the vegetables be the main ingrediens, and the meat rather a supplement – today we believe it’s necessary to bring consciousness to the environment.

Any food forecast for 2017? We think people will become more aware of where products come from. Local food is already a trend we think will just grow. And also what we mentioned about vegetables being a bigger part of the meal than meat. That is a healthy trend.




  1. Så fint intervjue! 🙂 Deres blogg er virkelig inspirerende på alle måter. Er så fint med de personlige tekstene dine til hver rett, Filips bilder og den gode maten dere lager! Synes og det er så bra dere også får fram at det ikke bare er sunn mat som skal være fokuset, men atmosfæren man lager rundt måltidet og hvem man spiser med;) Fokus på sunn mat har gjerne blitt en fanatisk ting (som igjen gjerne ikke er så sunt for kropp og sjel) og man glemmer hvor viktig det å gjøre et måltid til en hyggelig opplevelse. Deres blogg har vært en liten tankevekker for meg. Takk for masse inspirasjon <3

    1. Disse ordene varmet langt inn i sjela Anne-Line. Tusen takk for tilbakemeldingen din, den inspirerer oss. Det er så viktig å forstå at sunn mat ikke trenger å bety ekstremt, og at mat først og fremst skal være hygge. Ha en deilig kveld, og god jul <3

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